Stop working from home: Hackers are stealing your personal data

Stop working from home Hackers are stealing your personal data

Does quarantine turn into a nightmare for the work from home?  As this technically affected the users, hackers target a critical bug in windows even the latest version.

All versions of Microsoft Windows, have found to have a security vulnerability including the latest windows 10, confirmed by the company recently. This security flaw was disclosed by the Microsoft also highlighted on the security upheavals, this vulnerability was confirmed and are taking undue advantage of it. This flaw could persist in the way the windows OS renders fonts. in order to exploit the bug, attackers would try to trick the windows user into opening a malicious document. Once opened, the document will allow the attacker to run malware on the system remotely. 

This situation is worked as critical by Microsoft as of now which shows that the high level of dangers and giving the way for the hackers Microsoft also acknowledge that hackers were using the bug for limited, targeted attacks as this limitation was not revealed.

On this time of epidemic and the regions going under lockdown due to covid 19,  this work from home is on with all possible ways. This can prove harmful for the working class in this time period 

As not every windows user would have known of the mitigation options for the bug or how to get rid, precautions mentioned by Microsoft might be followed by emerged. Any infected device would result in a lack of precautions would also increase the downtime, rendering a window user helpless in continuing with the work at home. 

As of now, Microsoft is expected to come up with that solution for the bug and follow the guidelines shared by Microsoft.

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