Why my Outlook Data file cannot be found?

Outlook data file cannot be found

Learn an Easy Method to Find Outlook Data File In Just a Few Steps

Microsoft Outlook is used across the globe by multiple users to handle their personal data at once place. However, some users encounter a problem while using Outlook and often receive an error message displayed on their screen, ‘Outlook data file cannot be found. This blog entails the detail on the Outlook error and how you can resolve the ‘Outlook .pst cannot be found’ error. Read the blog to discover an easy method to fix the error in just a few steps. We will also compile a list of the common reasons that lead to this error so the users can avoid getting this error by just implementing a few steps.

A Guide On What is ‘Outlook data file cannot be found’ Error

As most of you already know that if a user causes any damage to their PST items, then it directly impacts Outlook and the users are unable to operate their mailbox elements. When a user is unable to access their mailbox and use PST items, then the pop-up message displays on the screen, ‘Outlook data file cannot be found’.

A-List of Common Reasons Behind the Outlook Error

In this section, we will discuss the common reasons behind the error:

  • Malware attack
  • PST files currently exist on the network server which is not available
  • Sudden shutdown of Outlook
  • Possibility of synchronization error
  • A wrong Outlook profile set up
  • Faulty add-ins
  • Oversized and large PST files

Know the Two Method to Fix ‘Outlook data file cannot be found’ Error

When a user gets a pop-up message displayed on their screen, ‘Outlook data file cannot be found’, then we suggest the users pick the two methods that we are mentioning in this section to fix their problem. We will discuss two methods to resolve the issue, that are:

  1. Use the ‘Inbox Repair Tool
  2. Use a Third-Party Tool

Method 1: Use the ‘Inbox Repair Tool’ Method to Resolve ‘Outlook data file cannot be found’ Error

Most of the readers are already aware that ‘Inbox repair tool’ is also called as the ‘Scanpst.exe’. The users can use this method to fix the ‘Outlook data file cannot be found’ error, however, let us warn our readers that it is not a reliable method and might consume several hours. Just make sure that before attempting this method to resolve the Outlook error, shut down Outlook and any email-enabled applications. Below, we are mentioning the steps to use the ‘Inbox repair tool’ method:

  • Install and run scanpst.exe tool on your computer.
  • Now, enter the file name.
  • Then, press on the ‘Start’ button.

Once, the users follow the above steps, they can migrate their items into Outlook. The users will have to make a new PST file and recover items into the newly created file. We strongly urge our readers to not use this method as it has multiple limitations and you might lose your mailbox items. The users cannot use this method if the corruption is severe so we recommend using automated software to fix the problem. 

Method 2: Use a Third-Party Tool to Resolve ‘Outlook data file cannot be found’ Error

Using automated software to fix the error is an easy and direct method to resolve the issue without neglecting on the safety of your mailbox items. We recommend our users to opt for third-party software to resolve the error as it is a more reliable method to implement as there are no risks involved. We recommend going for KDETools PST Recovery tool to fix the ‘Outlook data file cannot be found’ error. The robust wizard is equipped with the latest features that enable the users to fix any Outlook error in a short span of time. 


In this blog, we have discussed two methods to fix the ‘Outlook data file cannot be found’ error. To find out a suitable and reliable method, we recommend the readers to read the blog and find out an easy method to resolve the problem. 

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